The Importance of Fluoride to the Body

The earth is made up of a lot of naturally occurring substances. Examples of types of naturally occurring substances are water, soil, and minerals. The natural elements came to exist from the beginning of heaven and earth. Many naturally occurring substances are made up of elements. An element is a natural substance made up of atoms. According to the law of chemistry, an element is composed of similar protons but different neutrons. Elements are categorized into three; metal, gaseous, and liquid elements. Examples of metal elements are copper, graphite, sodium, and phosphorus. An example of a liquid element is mercury. Some of the examples of gaseous elements are oxygen, nitrogen, fluorine, and neon. Every element is denoted by a special symbol by the law of chemistry. Fluorine is a common element in nature. Fluorine has a mass number of nine, and it has a symbol of F. Fluorine is known to occur naturally in many things such as foods, minerals, soil, and water. This makes people take fluorine with or without knowing their body.

More places we know fluorine is widely used are in purifying water and making toothpaste. Fluorine, when absorbed in water, dissociates into chemical ions. The chemical name for fluorine ions is called fluoride. The manufacturing industries put the correct amount of fluorine in toothpaste for it to be good as a brushing agent. There are several benefits that come by consuming fluorine. One of the advantages of fluorine to the body is preventing tooth decay. Tooth decay is one of the major problems among people. Tooth decay comes by lack of tooth hygiene and sugary foods. The bacteria found in in the mouth use much of the available sugar to release an acid that causes tooth decay. Tooth decay leads to bigger teeth cavities that cause much pain and disturbance to someone. Fluorine prevents teeth to decay by covering tooth enamel to prevent bacteria from attacking them by use of their corrosive acid.

Fluoride helps in strengthening the teeth by covering the crown and roots. Fluorine can get absorbed into the structures of the body. This makes it possible to cover the whole of our teeth for strength purposes. Fluorine removes bad smell in our mouth. The lack of teeth cavities in the mouth leads to a good breath. It feels bad to approach a person with a bad breath due to teeth cavities. Contact dentist encinitas to know more!